Our Pastor

pics_337_copy1_copy2.jpgThe Reverend Melvin Leroy Tate was born April 18, 1948 in York, South Carolina. 
Reverend Tate is the oldest son of the late Grady Lee Meeks, Sr. and the late Mary Magdalene Tate Davis.  He has twelve living siblings.  He was raised by his grandparents the late Haskeil Tate and Azalee Tate.  It was the grandparents training that influenced his determination to excel in excellence.  They taught me that you can do anything with the help of God.  Put God first in all you do and God will direct your path.  Reverend Tate is better person because he had positive experiences in the home and a tremendous family and community support system that held me accountable and responsible for my actions and decisions in life.

Reverend Tate’s church experience bean before he was born.  He went to church in his mother’s womb and was baptized as an infant.  New Home A.M.E. Zion Church is his church of Christian origins.  He attended Sunday school, prayer meeting, bible study, catechism classes, and participated in all local church activities and functions.  He served as Sunday school teacher, choir member, trustee, steward, usher, men’s day chairperson, pastor’s appreciation coordinator, and vacation bible school director.  Reverend Tate was called to preach in 1966.  He preached his trial sermon in 1967.  His first appointment was received in 1968.  He was ordained deacon and elder in 1972.  Reverend Tate’s ministry has spanned the globe, including his missionary work in South Africa (Sheshego and Petersburg).  He ran for the Bureau of Evangelism of the A.M.E. Zion Church in 1990.  He was also a candidate for the Episcopacy of the Church in the 2008 General Conference of the A.M.E. Zion Church. 

Reverend Tate is married to Reverend Katrina A. Hunter-Tate who pastured the Saint Francis A.M.E. Zion Church in Mount Kisco, New York.  They have a son Tyler, and a daughter Kamrin; that adds so much to the family dynamics.  We were blessed to have a new edition to the family a son MorganMeir Levi Tate, who just turned two years old on September 16, 2013.  They are gifted, blessed and favored.  The Tate’s also enjoy the benefits of being a blended family.  They have two sons and two daughters by previous marriages: Melvin, Jr., Marsha, Marlon (deceased), and Mykole.  Reverend Tate is a grandfather and great grandfather. 

Reverend Tate has served in many capacities through the years of his ministerial servanthood.  He has been an advocate for civil and human rights and does not accept injustice in any form or fashion that marginalizes or dehumanizes individuals or groups.  He is the founder of the Kinston Community Health Center in Kingston, North Carolina that serves the underserved and uninsured in a designated health manpower shortage area.  He served on the steering committee of the Global transpark in Kinston. North Carolina and raised $500,000.00 for the GTP from the black community.  This effort was intended to boost economic development in the depressed regions of Eastern North Carolina.  He was the spokesperson for Smart Start under Governor Hunt’s administration to provide quality early intervention to allow children to be competitive in the global context.  He served on the review board of Lenoir Memorial Hospital, Kinston, North Carolina.   Reverend Tate also served as a volunteer at Dobbs School in Kingston, North Carolina for adjudicated youth and children.  He served as a volunteer chaplain at Pasquotank Hospital in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  He served on the board of Community and Human Relations per appointment by the county commissioners of Pasquotank County, North Carolina.  He organized the People’s Coalition to empower the disenfranchised populations to participate in the political process to elect persons with integrity and concern for all rather than a select privileged few.  He served on the Community Relations Commission in Lancaster County, South Carolina, and the Counties of Lenoir and Pasquotank, North Carolina.  He was Board chair of the Peterson Community Health Center in Paterson, New Jersey, and he served on the mayor’s advisory board in Ridgewood, New Jersey. 

Reverend Tate has served as pastor of the Catawba Chapel and Love’s Chapel Circuit in the South Carolina Conference, Catawba Chapel in Catawba, North Carolina in the Western North Carolina Conference, Rock Hill in Indian Trail, North Carolina in the West Central Conference, Southern City in East Spencer, North Carolina in the Western North Carolina Conference, Metropolitan  in Ridgewood, New Jersey in the New Jersey Conference, Presiding Elder of the Camden District, New Jersey Conference, St Augustus A.M.E. Zion Church Kingston, North Carolina, in the North Carolina Conference, Presiding Elder of the Sheshego District and pastor of the Spotswood Church in South Africa on a missionary assignment, Mitchell’s Chapel in Pittsboro, North Carolina in the Central North Carolina Conference, Mt Lebanon in Elizabeth City, North Carolina in the Albemarle Conference, and the Rush Temple in Jamaica Queens, New York, in the New York Conference The Mother Conference of the A.M.E. Zion Church. He serves on the Conference Examiners and State of the Church Committees.  He is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and a Master Mason of The Boyer Lodge of the MWPHGL in NYC.  His hobbies are inclusive of reading, singing, listening to classical, smooth jazz, and other genres of music.  He loves golf and traveling.  He also loves serving others.  Preaching and pastoral ministry is my life calling. Favorite Scripture Isaiah 40:31.  

Email: RevTate@mtcalvaryamezion.com